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In progress :)

Recently I bought a house and one of the main reason why I liked the house so much was because it had 2 living room. After much discussion and convincing my mrs, it was decided that the smaller living room was to be converted into a dedicated cinema room...happy days!! So then my dedicated home cinema project started. On budget wise I don't have too much to spend as rest of my house is being refurbished as well so I am trying my best to minimise the cost as much as I can. I have been browsing around the US & UK avforums and have gathered necessary information and designs. I just hope the end result is good. Anyway I just wanted to share this project in the forum hoping it would be useful for other members with similar interest & build and it would be beneficial for myself to hear suggestions or experience from other members.


The room I have is 3.93m x 3.90m. One side of the wall has fireplace and built in shelves.

Design & Concept
The projector will be mounted on the ceiling where the fireplace is and the wall directly opposite is where I will be hanging my DIY projector screen. I will be installing soffits on the walls near the ceiling for my down lighters, LED rope light and cable management. 2 cinema framed posters on 2 walls. AV receiver, PS3, 3D Bluray player, basically any electronic devices on the built in wall shelving beside the fireplace. For the projector screen I will be making my own frame and will be using the blackout fabric. Using the projector calculator I figured the screen size would be around 126".
Projection Calculator Pro - Projector to Screen Distance





The wall where my projector screen is going will be painted with matt black. I haven't decided the colour yet for the other 3 walls. For ceiling, initially I was planning to paint it matt black but now I have decided that it will be painted white or light colour. The main reason for it was because I will be going for star ceiling paint and it doesn't look bright enough in matt black paint. For star ceiling painting I am looking around but at the moment I'm planning to go with Chris Westall (Chris Westall Murals & Trompe L'Oeil - Star Ceilings & childrens murals).

Projector: BenQ W1070
BenQ W1070 | 3D Ready DLP Projector 1080p HD Ready | Richer Sounds


DIY Projector Screen: Blackout cloth or Maxiwhite fabric
130" 16:9 HD Projection PROJECTOR SCREEN MATERIAL Fabric for LCD DLP 1080p 720 | eBay

Boarder Tape:

AV Receiver: Harman Kardon AVR171 Black
Harman Kardon AVR171 Black | AV Receiver | Richer Sounds

Speakers & Cables: Not decided yet, still looking

Sound Proofing: Not decided yet

Building Progress
I will try to post the picture updates as much as I can.





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Hi Bishal,

We get lots of enquiries from people looking to soundproof their room for cinema or music rooms. Our technical team has created 3 solutions depending on budget, as follows:-

  • For highest spec and best results use CMS IsoMax clips and channel, onto 50mm x 50mm wooden battens, with mineral wool insulation in the void 30mm thick, then 12.5mm Soundbloc plasterboard, CMS WB10 acoustic barrier mat and 15mm Fireline plasterboard
  • Medium solution: Same as above but without CMS IsoMax clips and channel.
  • Cheapest way: 15mm Fireline plasterboard, CMS WB10 acoustic barrier mat and 12.5mm Soundbloc plasterboard

I hope this is useful for you when you are planning your project, if you would like any more help please feel free to contact us through our site Soundproof My Room | Acoustic & Soundproofing Solutions

Thanks Alexis


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Hey Alexis,

Thank you for letting me know about your sound proofing solution. I will look into it once most of the cinema room has been built and tested. Thanks.


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Looks good so far, I'd love a dedicated room, but that would mean losing my garage and that is never going to happen! :)


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I only got lucky that the house had 2 living room and my mrs agreed. :) Otherwise the dream of building dedicated room would have been really really far. Can't wait to finish and start setting up the room though.


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Not necessarily - I am in the same boat and have just come up with a solution to semi-convert our attached garage by insulating and decorating it fully - utilising a rubber floor system over an insulated concrete slab and the insulating the garage doors. The floor tiles are rated for garage use. I will put curtains across the front and back doors and the screen will drop down in front of the front doors. However it will still house my weekend car as and when needed. Basically it will be a very plush garage but insulated and finished to the level of the rest of the house. It doesn't need planning permission as it won't be classed as habitable accomodation. When I eventually find the time to do it I may start a thread if anyone is interested.


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Finally managed to put up my 130" projection screen. Tested it and it looks brilliant. Can't wait fit the speakers and decorate the rest of the room now.


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