Building an office sound system; McIntosh MA5300, etc


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Hello, I'm new here. Joined specifically to get some opinions on this topic, so I hope some of you folks can weigh in. My current system consists of a Marantz TT-15s1 (w/Virtuoso cartridge), Elac Uni-Fi B bookshelf speakers, and a McIntosh MA5300 integrated amplifier. I bought all of these things together in early 2018, so I've been enjoying this specific combination of gear for over three years now.

As you can see, I put the bulk of my budget for this project into the amp, which I think was a smart decision... particularly because I value-hunted myself into oblivion on the other two items. Endless research showed me that the Elac speakers could perform like speakers costing 3-5x the money (they do!) and the Marantz 'table is an unusually good value with the $900 Virtuoso cartridge (it is!)

Fast-forward to present day:

I would like a similar sounding system for my office now, but I can't justify spending $10k (including cables and furniture) a second time on this. I am acutely aware that a big part of what I love about my system has to do with the MA5300, and that's where the problem lies. I would be comfortable buying another pair of Elacs and a Marantz TT (while discontinued supplies last!) but I really don't want to spend another $5500+ on the McIntosh. I literally use one feature on it: the turntable input. That's it! It has endless inputs and features that I will never use. But that sound though!!!!

So, here's my question: Is there an integrated amp that focuses on fewer features, but has equally good sound as the MA5300? Surely, a big part of the $5500 price tag is comprised of all the inputs and digital features, etc. Again, this is stuff I'll never, ever use. Does any company make an integrated amp that puts all its eggs in one performance based basket?

Please note: Since this new system will be for my work office, I also don't need the amplification power that I surely paid for with the MA5300. I can only play music so loud in my office building. BUT: I don't want to sacrifice the sonic accuracy and depth though.

Thanks in advance for helping me out. I'm also open to full system recommendations as well, as long as the sound is on par with what I'm loving now with my current setup.

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Active speakers? No experience with active speakers, still they are very popular to use in many scenarios, like an office location.

Tough one. I don’t think you’ll find an amplifier which sound like McIntosh. Their sound is unique.

In your case Rega iO, Rega Brio would be an excellent choice. If I’m not mistaken the Elac speakers are 4 ohm, 85 dB sensitivity. That requires an amplifier with strong power supply, and that’s why I am recommending Rega.

Or perhaps the Rega amplifiers which are more expensive. @gibbsy owns Rega.

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