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I can't see the benefit of buying an pre-built external HDD given the inflexibility (unless you pay otherwise!) and uncertainty over what you get. Few questions though:

1) Enclosure - read on here not to spend over £5-10 as they all do the same job. In that case, is this one ok? looks to have all the connectivity I need (don't have USB 3.0).

2) HDD - Am I right in thinking 2.5" drives don't need dedicated power (i.e. they'll run off USB or eSATA?) but 3.5" do? If I'm looking for 1TB+ what's my best option at the moment (<£70).

3) Will this set up be as robust as some of the prebuilt ones in the market?


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1) You didn't include the link.

2) Yes, although eSATA doesn't provide any power so nothing can run off just that (many cases will let you use USB for power while sending data through eSATA).

3) If you get a decent quality enclosure yes.


You should be aware that not all PC's, laptops, media players etc can supply power to run a 2.5" external HDD over USB. Some devices simply don't output power and some just might not have a good enough power supply to pass enough over USB.

I think you are going to have trouble finding a 1Tb+ HDD at the moment for under £70 due to the flooding in Thailand pushing up prices. Also AFAIK the max capacity of a 2.5" HDD is still 1Tb and they have always been expensive, even before the flooding.


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