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After years out of the game, I'm thinking of building a gaming PC. I haven't built one for over ten years so I'm really out of the loop. I've read a few other threads in this forum but was wondering what else I might need. I've picked out the following:
Video Card

So would I still need things like fans and ribbon cables or or those things obsolete now?

there much less in use as there tend to be no Optical drives anymore and even storage if in the form of a NVMe drive connects direct to the motherboard with no cabling. so your right its much less a thing. a SATA cable for a SSD drive if you have one but often they come with a motherboard so I wouldnt go out and buy any. Fans may come with the case but if not yes you may need those also. Depending on the CPU you might need a CPU cooler - AMD comes with one, Intel often do not, depends.

The 2 big issues for you at the moment are

1. Very low stock on CPU and Video Cards - there been a load of new tech out since October and for various reasons there all like hens teeth so the prices have gone up if you can even get one at all of most Good CPU and GPUs.

2. GPU (or video cards) are really really expensive now with like £600-£800 kind of money, And"cheap" gaming ones which used to be £150 dont exist anymore so brace yourself for 300+ prices at the very least. To help you need to decide what resolution your gaming so if you are running a 1080p monitor then its much less power needed, if you move to 1440p, your having to spend a bit more and for 4K gaming its top wack for everything really GPU wise.

Any idea on the CPU your going for yet ?
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The way I normally start is by drawing a 'functional specification', that is writing down exactly what you want the PC to do. The specification should include an element of future proofing so that the computer doesn't become obsolete too quickly.

This will pay dividends later when you are matching the components to the tasks that you have in mind. It means that you do not spend too much on a PC which is far more powerful than that needed, or not powerful enough for to do what you want.

The components you list are broadly right even today, although ribbon cables have been replaced by SATA cables.

I would suggest taking your time and doing a bit of reading online to bring yourself up to date and then enjoy yourself building and using your new computer. :)
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Thanks for the replies. I've got roughly £1k to spend so I'm hoping to get something that will run the latest games. Is that doable at that price point?
gaming at 1080p yeah I would think so for 1440 maybe or 4 K no way. - do you need a monitor as well ? As if so that might be a harder.


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Thanks for the replies. I've got roughly £1k to spend so I'm hoping to get something that will run the latest games. Is that doable at that price point?
Which games? Cyberpunk 2077?

You’ll want a 6 core 12 thread CPU if you’re keen on gaming, otherwise a good 4 core 8 thread one will do.

Intel might be cheaper than AMD at the moment.

Graphics cards are now stupidly expensive thanks to the US import tariffs.

I’d build you an AMD 3600, 16 gigs Crucial Ballistix 3600, MSI B550 motherboard, Nvidia 3060 (or 3060 Ti), 500 watt PSU, Dell 27inch 1440P IPS monitor.

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