Question Building a full Marty sub ?


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Im thinking of building a Marty sub using a Dayton Ultimax driver 18".

I would prefer the size to be 1100mm x 500mm and to get 17 cubic feet of volume (is this correct ?) it would have to be 880mm high? Does that sound ok ? It will be ported. What are the specs for the ports?

I was going to put it behind my screen but don't want it shaking my screen, so i thought of having it under my screen and the bass output would come through some speaker cloth under my screen?

Is there any reason i could not put the driver lower down in the box? Instead of having it central on the box? Again this would help it not output through my screen ? thanks


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martysub build plans are in the thread on avs

you can move the driver down the baffle for sure


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It's not so bad but at really high volume when it's plays really low everything shakes, sofa, walls and screen :)


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Depends on room size.
Behind screen it will shake screen much more then under the screen.
Check YouTube there was some videos.

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