Building a false wall on an existing chimney...

Hi Guys, I'm after some advice please.

I want to build a false wall over my existing chimney to mount a Samsung 55" LED TV. Mainly because I don't want to mess around with chasing cables into the brick and also to get a recessed look. I'd like to attempt this myself as I'm quite handy with a bit of DIY. I'll get someone in to plaster the wall once I've finished.

My questions are:

1. I have a small working gas fire. I've left it on for an hour on full heat and the chimney wall was barely warm to touch. Do you think it'd be ok to mount the TV above it?

2. I don't want to add too much depth to the chimney so can I get away with a depth of just a single 38x63mm stud and 12mm plasterboard? The TV will be mounted into the chimney directly.

3. I haven't bought the TV yet but have exact dimensions and have the wall bracket. Do you think it's wise to build the false wall in readiness for the TV (will be a couple of months before I get it) or would you advise waiting until I have the TV?

4. Finally has anyone else embarked on a similar project? I tried searching the forum but didn't find anything. Just found a lot of false chimney builds. :)

Any advice/tips appreciated.


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As your fixing the 'studs' to the wall your timber size is fine - you can realistically go down to even a 19mm batten if you wanted as a large part of the load is transferred directly onto the wall.

Obviously just make sure to fix them to the wall at 'good enough' intervals. Every 200mm should be fine for a 63mm timber.

In theory yes - but make sure you know where the bracket is - you don't want to find the holes for the bracket need to go over a batten you've fixed to the rear.

Finally just think about heat from the TV if you're recessing it.
Funnily enough I came across that website which prompted me to measure heat on the chimney when the fire is on full. Our fire is more of a novelty one rather than a functional one so it doesn't give out lots and lots of heat.

I have had a change of mind and want to do a floating wall on a chimney breast instead to keep the chimney depth to a minimum and to avoid having to cut the cornice or skirting board. I want it to wrap around the sides too to make it look neater and so I can run cables down it. I'm not fussed about recessing the TV as the Samsung is pretty thin anyway and as long as I can hide the wall mount I'm happy.

I want to leave a inch overhang so I can hide some ropelight around the perimeter. I'm assuming pasterboard is no good in this case? If I use MDF can I still plaster it?

I have attached a picture of what the lounge looked like before we bought the house to give you an idea. Currently the lounge is empty ready for me to start the project! :)


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