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Hi Folks, a total numpty when it comes to computers, however having read so many articles on requirements for video editing i need some advices on specification with a £1600 Budget +/- £100, my hobby is photography & video, i have a mavic pro drone & a GoPro Camera, i enjoy travelling & wish to create some satisfying videos from footage that i have captured.
The Footage i have off the drone is in 2.7K, also 1080 & the GoPro is a 1080 too
I Understand its all about power in terms of cores & cpu & a high end video card.....but that is where my undertstanding comes to an end.
So is it Intel V AMD? will a 1070 be ok or do i need a 1080 graphics card?
I would very much appreciate your input of exactly what components are needed & more importantly what is compatible with each other.
I don't need a Monitor, Mouse or Keyboard.....a new desktop i certainly do! Budget Approx £1600,
Not sure about which video software to use, but nothing that is too complex, i am leaning towards Filmora
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Video editing hasn't traditionally used the GPU, support has only been added to the higher end video editing programs in the last few years as better general purpose computing support (openCL etc.) has been made available. Many of the consumer focused applications don't have it yet, and many of the applications that do support it only use it for some things.

So the first thing to do is to decide on a package and check whether your preferred video editing package can use the GPU at all, and if so which interfaces it supports and whether it's more optimised for one design over another.

The same goes for more cores. Multithreaded processing is a difficult programming task, and many programs can only spread the work so far. There's no point spending double on an eight core CPU if the software can only split work across four threads well.


Welcome to the forum Neil0202 :hiya:

A very similar thread was started about a month ago that I answered. Have a look as it may help you as well.
Where to start? Video editing/gaming PC

If you have any more questions then feel free to ask.


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