Building a decorative river in the garden


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I have a nice garden, but in all honesty, it is a bit boring and doesn't really have the wow factor I've always wanted.

I'm about to get the lawn sorted, but I thought, before I do, I could do something crazy, to really make the garden stand out!

I'm not sure if my garden is big enough just yet, as it's just an idea at the moment, but I'm wondering if I could building a little river with stepping stones down the middle of the lawn. It would probably only be about 10m long. Something like this:


At the house end of the garden I have decking, so the end of the river would butt up against the decking quite well. At the other end is a shed and some (moss ridden) grass. I'm thinking I could pave this end of the garden, as the grass doesn't like being trampled on every time I go to the shed anyway. So the other end of the river would terminate at the paving.

Here's a rough plan


So what are your thoughts? What restriction or problems would I come across? How would I even build it? Dig a huge trench, line it with blocks and cement over the top of them to give a smooth finish?

Any advice would be appreciated at this stage! The whole idea might not work, or it might be too costly, but if it's doable for me to do with a few tools, then I might give it a go.



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Surely you'll need some drainage and a pump/filter of some sort? Else it will just flood as soon as it rains... either that or you'll have a river of horrid looking mucky water...

I don't think it'll be an easy job at all...


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I don't think it would be a huge task. Do your homework, visit forums and pond equipment suppliers. You could build a long shallow trench gently sloping to the sump and then pumped back .A row of led lights would look well.
One thing is when your pump is off gnats lay eggs in still water and so you could be plagued by them.


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I don't know anything about it but I'm guessing would it be better to have a few steps down in the stream just to give a bit more of a feeling of flow in the water.

I do like the idea though I've always wanted to do it.
off topic, like your patio set, where did you get from?

Solomon Grundy

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I think it would look really nice but you'd curse it every time you went to cut the grass.

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