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After reading all these threads concerning machines for streaming high definition content (Kiss/Snazio/macmini)with interest it seems to me that all these different options have drawbacks, I was close to ordering the macmini but then read that it seems to be quite a low spec machine.
I have come to the decision that the best option with everything covered is to build a "media center" pc, I have discovered that this is posible at a cost around the same as the macmini (£600.00) but with better spec and more options to suit each persons specific needs. This is the case I think suits best and wouldn't look out of place on a rack in my living room.


Any thoughts would be welcome.

I agree in principle, but wouldn't have a clue what would be needed. Would you care to post your £600 shopping list?
this is defo the thing to do ive been looking at them all and all have draw backs, a htpc gives you control over what you want to put in and more important what you want to get out the other end

this is what i have speced up for my build, wanted to use it for streaming and playing hi def movies , dvds music photos and a bit of web browsing

no games so no grahics card the mobo has nvidia gpu6150 more than capable of hd playback and can take the new x264 codec
no tv card as i have sky plus

CPU AMD (Venice) Athlon 64 3500+ (ADA3500DAA4BW) OEM Skt 939 £104
FANZalman CNPS9500-LED Socket 18Db £30
MOBO Asus A8N-VM CSM GeForce 6150 £49
RAM 2X Kingston 512 ECC DDR400 PC3200 Cl3 Dimm £65
HDD Seagate ST3250824AS 250GB 7200RPM SATA300 8MB Cache - £56
SOUND CARD my audigy 2 out of this PC (only ever use headphonescause of the kids ) FREE
DVD r DRIVE HP DVD840i Super Multi DVD Writer Beige DVD+/-RW Lightscribe 16x16x DVD RAM IDE £39
CASESilverstone SST-LC-17 Silver £63
CASE FANSAcoustiFan Dustproofs
O/S windows MCE plus remote £105

this lot comes to £511 say £600 with psu and case fans then add vat the lot for £705
Totally Agree, I will be building my own HTPC when I move this summer, I am waiting for HDCP enabled cards to come out before building mine, I can wait as I have a reasonable PC that plays everything except h.264 stuff at present.

I like the look of the Silverstone case too, complete bargain IMO.

I don't see the point in these players when they are all limited in one way or another, build your own!!!
I am no expert, but you guys talk about the HDCP capability yeah. Say I get what is listed above as I don't do gaming as well, but add a sound card. And then HD-DVD/Blu Ray comes out, I will need to get a GFX card with HDCP out, is that right, so I can jsut upgrade, I wont need to upgrade the rest of my system like motherboard or anything? I know I also will need to upgarde my disc drive to HD-DVD/blu ray, but that and the GFX card is it right?
ashmufc said:
I know I also will need to upgarde my disc drive to HD-DVD/blu ray, but that and the GFX card is it right?
No, because of digital content protection it looks likely that you will also have to upgrade your operating system to Windows Vista and be using something called a 'secure platform' motherboard.


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