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Been looking into this for a while but I just cant seem to find all the information I need to even plan this. I have been on for ideas and inspiration, and they do have a few, but not everything that I would like to achieve.

I might not get far by posting here instead of MP3car, but I just wanted to keep it local and get opinions, ideas, experiences with this and how this can all be done on local shores without having to go abroad.

There are a few UK based websites as well with some CARPC systems for sale, but they are quite expensive and all seem to be for business use like police cars and ambulances and trucks etc.

Here is my wishlist.

  • Windows based computer
  • Intel or AMD based micro ITX with small casing
  • Intelligent power on and hibernate/shut down via ignition switch
  • Rear view camera automatic switch on reverse gear (ideally not controlled in Windows but a video source instead)
  • 7 inch touchscreen display with a secondary override input for rear view. 1366x768 should be sufficient
  • Touch capable software based car home screen (FreeIce or Centrafuse)
  • Very good quality static free 5.1 HD sound powered by a 600watt amp (the .1 to be powered separately)
  • DAB Radio built into some sort of external USB module or PCI slot
  • Bluetooth module for receiving and making calls and also music streaming
  • Wifi so I can share my mobile 3G
  • Good Sat NaV PC based software (something as good as Garmin or Tomtom)
  • Front view camera via manual switch (separate video source)
  • Looking as close to OEM as possible with the installation of the monitor into a double din opening (PC case can go under a seat)
  • Integration with steering controls

Nice to have:

  • Secondary independant displays and sound controls for rear passenger entertainment with their own screens fitted into the headrests.
  • TV tuner for both front and back monitors
  • Remote control

Of course, as this is all widows, the possibilities of software, entertainment and internet streaming is unlimited. I have not listed all the hardware that needs to be in the itx case as that is not a major concern. THe majority of concerns lie with all the functions I need to do with the Car PC. The big ones being a SAT NAV, Bluetooth for calls, DAB and FM radio, rear view camera and steering wheel integration.

I would have considered an android tablet but no way to get radio without 3g and sound quality is going to be compromised so thats out of the question.

The aftermarket stereos are okish but are limited with their functionality when it comes to internet based content.

Any ideas?


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Almost 300 views and no reply. Its like you guys are afraid to even comment ;)

Oh well...


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Buy a Merc and specify COMAND :)

But seriously, that would be the nirvana of car PCs and I've seen a few attempts, I think there was even one on The Gadget Show, but they ultimately fall down on the software side. All the hardware you list will function together nicely but no-one's seriously attempted to pull it all together in a single package.

Crack it and market it around the £5-600 mark and you have a nice business there!

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