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Build Quality - PHAT Vs SLIM


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Ok so Sony looked for ways to cut the production cost of PS3 but did anyone expect the Slim to be such as cheap, nasty piece of kit. So it does the same as the older Phat model but I think Sony have really rushed this revised model out far too soon.

One of the main reasons I stayed well away from an Xbox was because of the poor quality of the machine, When the Phat PS3 arrived it really put the xbox to shame, but this new slim model has really wound me up.

Having traded in a perfect, very quiet 80gig phat for a slim, I feel really let down by Sony,not only does it look cheap and tacky in the flesh comapred to a phat, it's noisy and clunky.

Ive had 3 exchanges and still wasnt happy as Ive been very unhappy with the fan noise,blu ray access noise and the stupid amount of vibration the thing makes no matter what surface it sits on. Ive also noticed that the claim it's quieter has been dropped in many adverts for the slim

id like to know some of you guys opinions on the build quality of the ps3, are you happy with what you have or has the slim put you off ps3 altogether. Having had this experience with the slim ive now gone out cut my losses and repurchased a phat model which im far more happier with, although not as quiet as my oringinal phat it still puts the slim model to shame .Im happy knowing my ps3 has been made with better parts and looks far better in its glossy coat!


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There are already numerous threads covering this topic.

But in reply to your post, there are a couple of points I thought I had to pick up on;

I feel really let down by Sony,not only does it look cheap and tacky in the flesh comapred to a phat, it's noisy and clunky.

If you had read some of the other threads, you would see that there are plenty of people who have 'quiet' slims - not silent, but not noisy, and certainly quieter than the 40gb/60gb/80gb PS3 they traded their machine for. I am one of those lucky ones, the Slim is much quieter than my 80gb PS3 I sold in order to purchase this model.

Which leads me on to my second point. Cheap and tacky? That is your opinion. My opinion is that it is a much nicer looking console which takes up less space and no longer has that god awful 'gloss' finish that manufacturers appear to favour these days.

People will always disagree when it comes to which product is better, as they do in all walks of life. I prefer a lady with blonde hair, short and slim. Does that mean that Fred down the road has a 'dodgy' model because Vera is a brunette, tall and chubby? No.

Different strokes for different folks my friend.

I'm getting bored of all the Slim threads now. :boring:


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I pulled apart my USA launch 60GB PS3, and the build quality (ignoring potential overheating issues) was excellent. By that i mean the internal finish, the way things slot together, quality of parts (screws arent cheap ones etc) and so on. Even compared to the 80GB UK models it seemed better.

While i havent pulled apart the Slim, as said, it's meant to be a cheaper cost saving model, so potentially might have lower build quality :confused: but who knows... its one of those things you ant judge form internet pictures, and have to see it with your hands. Note i'm not an expert of manufacturing processes just from the years i used to build and fix PCs; the variation between budget chinese ones and Compaq/etc was huge over the years.


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With regards to the looks, I personally like the look of the slim. And I do prefer the matt over the phats gloss.

The only thing I dislike about the slims appearance is its shape, its almost a perfect square. Electronics hardware should be rectangular IMHO.

With regards to the performance for my brief time I owned one, the BD drive is much noiser. But am not going to mention anything on the fan noise at all. :D

You need to remember however is the first version of the PS2 slim was from what I have read pretty bad too.

They went through numerous small component upgrades that improved things until the final "super slim" SCPH-90000 model came out in late 2007 which from all that I have read seems to be very much worth having.

PlayStation 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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And the lesson from all the probs encountered is don't be an early adopter of new models of tech. Wait a few months until initial teathing issues have been ironed out, they usually are. I have got loads of tech but never buy anything on initial launch now, as i have been stung in the past too many times.


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having gone from an original annoyingly noisy 60GB to a 120GB slim that is quiet as a mouse even when pushed i am over the moon , the 60GB was doing my head in watching BD's to the point that i wasnt watching them , the slim is quiet as a mouse , love it , ok , so it isnt shiny , so what is my opinion :hiya:


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I know everyone is allowed their opinion but to state that the slim is cheap and tacky is completely wrong.

I had an original 60gb PS3 and have not looked back since getting the slim.

I prefer the understated look of the slim and the fact that it takes up less space is very beneficial as ot sits directly in front of my tv.

The wireless connection is miles better than the old phat allowing steady streaming of hd content which for me is the crowning glory of the slim. The fact that it is quieter and it now bitstreams HD sound formats are added bonuses.

Again it is all down to personal opinion and i am a bit fed up with the constant arguing about the console. If you have a slim or phat enjoy it because it is a great piece of kit whether a slim or phat (although the slim is better :devil:)


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I finally got around to opening my PS3 Slim yesterday, after nearly a week of having it sat there looking at me through its sealed box - poor little thing!

Yesterday, the slim took 11 hours to format my 160GB HDD, which is rather slow compared to what I'm used to with PC's.

In all fairness to the PS3 Slim, I could hardly hear the fan noise throughout the entire time it was left running - over 12 hours in total after I'd restored my backup data. I could just about hear the fan when I moved closer to the console, but it was by no means offending me.

I can't yet comment on the noise of the Blu Ray drive, as I've spent all of my free time formatting :rolleyes:

I've also noticed a stronger signal via wireless - my new slim shows the signal strength of my router as 100%, whereas my previous 40GB model stated a strength of ~70% (router situated downstairs, PS3 upstairs).

As for the exterior - I think that the Phat PS3's look a little nicer, but give me time & I'm sure that I'll warm to the Slim. In all honesty, I'm not too fussed about the looks, so long as the performance is consistent & reliable.

My only gripe so far regarding build quality, is that I've already had two of the rubber feet fall off the bottom of the console - bad times! :D
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Tend to agree more with the OP, but the rest of the comments being added I agree with too, so in short, I guess I am happy I traded in.

The finish is not as 'sexy' IMO, but the matte cover is better than gloss in terms of not having dust sticking and being a fingerprint magnet.

We recently had to move the room around, and although I've owned my slim for over a month and set it up initially, I still couldn't believe how light it is compared to the old fat. It certainly feels at least 50% lighter.

The proprietary drive is certainly doesn't feel and operate as good as the old fat and the fan for me feels noisey. I was tempted to go back to fat, but guess gonna sit with it now...


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Having traded in a perfect, very quiet 80gig phat for a slim, I feel really let down by Sony,not only does it look cheap and tacky in the flesh comapred to a phat, it's noisy and clunky.

Why the rush to trade a "very quiet 80gig phat for a slim"? School Boy Error ;)

The only reason I would buy a slim is its 1) cheaper and 2) it has Bravia Sync which I can live without.

Is the build quality on the slim really that bad, Sony HAD to cut costs, are they even breaking even yet? It could just be their Christmas if the pricing is right!


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This forum is quite funny now in that everyone used to bang on about the build quality of PS3 Vs 360 now it's an in-house thing.

I've got a real quiet 80gb phat and really like the look of the Slim but just can't justify it in case it doesn't live up to my 80gb as I'd be gutted about losing the cash on the conversion.


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At the end of the day what ever the shap and built of the console,there will always be people that are not happy:) when the original came out i remember people where not happy then,moaning about this and that!!

Its easy,what ever console you have just enjoy it! if you dont like the slim then dont buy it!


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I much perfr my new slim than my old clunky cheap looking shinny nosiy as **** PS3.

if you think the slim is built bad, go look an xbox ;)

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