Build or buy a quiet PC for HTPC use and gaming


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Mikes - giving you the benefit of the doubt I assume your over-riding concern is that I, or other less clued up forum members [no pun intended!], could be encouraged to overspend and/or compromise their end result. My own interpretation of the advice from the other guys was that they were trying to give the best advice based on their own experience and wisdom and not that they were showing off but then there's no tone or inflection on a forum so misunderstandings are commonplace. I've decided that I will have to accept some compromise to allow me to have a PC that games and can act as a media source and yet still be affordable. If I wanted utter silence I'd opt for a lower powered rig running SSD as you suggest. I'd probably also move to a flat that wasn't under the Heathrow flight path ;) I chose this section for the precise reason that threads like Razor's and, more recently, Grangey's appear to show quite extensive synergy with my own aim. I can't afford two PCs unless the premium I'm paying for trying to achieve a dual purpose PC means the end result is more expensive than two separate PCs, and I don't think it is. Thanks for providing the flip side to the argument though.

All and everyone - thanks as ever for continuing to contribute, with regards the choice of case [I like the Silverstone LC17 for looks], is it possible to use it with a remote control? I'd really like to implement my Harmony 885, is that doable? Also, the case says it has USB2 ports, does this mean any USB3 devices plugged into them would be throttled to USB2 speeds? Can the ports themselves be changed later anyway if need be or am I talking gibberish?

Last but not least, better to buy before or after New Year d'ya reckon? I know it's like asking you to look into a crystal ball but VAT increases are definite whereas I don't know whether PC components tend to be subject to January sales discounts.


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Ultimately you will decide and build what is best for you. And good luck to you. Building two machines will naturally be more expensive than one.

What irks me (IMO) is the misuse of the term Home Theatre PC (HTPC). It is quite specific. Rather like the attachment of 'PVR' to any old hard drive video recorder. Tivo is the only PVR available (as far as I'm aware)

Gaming rigs are driven by refresh rates and fps. HTPCs are driven by size and noise.

Any gaming rig will output 1080p video to a plasma and 7.1 audio to an amp as long as you use a 5 series graphics card).

Building a gaming rig to play video and BD is relatively straightforward.

Building an HTPC is quite an art with a limited choice of components and the need to squeeze them into a very small space. My HTPC is silent, and incorporates a full size BD/HD DVD player. Yet is only 30x22x13 cm. Additionally (I hope) it is wife and family friendly.

Anyway, enough is enough. Good luck with your build.


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