Build a PC or buy iMac to edit 4k and photos?


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I do drone videography and edit photos in Lightroom etc and we do this on a 2nd hand iMac we bought but I want to do it on my PC too, I have a Dell CPS PC which cant even cope with editing DNG files. I don't like the Apple operating system on an Imac so should I build a new PC or buy a decent iMac and run Windows on it?

Anyone use Windows on an iMac?

The cost to build a new PC capable of running 3 screens and editing 4k footage will it not be cheaper to just buy an Imac and run Windows on it?


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The base spec iMac is almost exactly the same price as this pc Delvey posted in another thread:

The 3070 is a very powerful graphics card and is magnitudes better than the built in graphics on the iMac. Personally I wouldn't see the point of buying a Mac to run Windows.


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Macs are always a lot more expensive than PCs so i can't see how an imac would be the cheaper option. Plus seems extra pointless as you want to run windows on it anyway.

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