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Bug in Samsung HR725?



I have a problem. When I copy a video from hdd to dvd (formated in V mode) and then I finalize the disc, the latest 2 minutes of the video are missing. This happens with all videos copied from hdd to dvd. Videos recorded directly to dvd are fine.

Anyone had this problem?

I think this is a very serious problem.



This is a bug in the Samsung HR725. If you don't finalize the DVD you will be able to see the complete recording of each title, but you will only be able to use it on the HR725.

If you finalize the recording, to be able to watch it on any DVD player, you will lose the last 2 minutes or so of each title, and the menus won't work either. If you use a DVD-RW on this process, and you unfinalize the recording, you will get the complete titles again.

I was this information that gave me the clue as to what was going on.

I'ver been studying the internal formats of DVDs and there are essentially 2 types of files: the .VOB files that contain all audio and video information compressed into single meta-files, usually of 1GB or less, and .IFO files that contain structural and navigation information regarding the .VOB files.

The problem with the HR725 is that he records the .VOB files correctly, but it then messes up the .IFO files he creates when finalizing the DVD. In fact, the information included on the .IFO files is always one chapter shorter than the information contained on the .VOB files.

The problem with DVD players is that they rely on the .IFO information to navigate through the .VOB file structure, and if the .IFO is wrong they will assume the .IFO is right and the .VOB is wrong.

After this finding, I developed a workarround using a few programs that are available for free on Internet: IfoEDIT, DVDDecrypter/DVDFabDecrypter and DVDShrink.

It goes like this:
1) You record and finalize your DVD, with all the titles you want, but on a DVD-RW.
2) You use DVDDecrypter or DVDFabDecrypter to dump the contents of the DVD on a PC.
3) Use IfoEdit to open each VTS_*_*.IFO and click on the "VOB Extras" button
4) Check these options (and uncheck all others):
X-Correct Vob-Unit
X-Correct original IFO files
X-Remove P-UOps
X-Remove Macrovision
X-Adjust Vob-Unit pointers
X-Adjust Audio/Subp. point
X-AutoCopy Menu-files to destination
5) When asked to confirm overwriting the original .IFO and .BUP files, say yes
6) Repeat with the remaining .IFO files (there will be one for each title you saved on DVD)
7) After correcting all .IFOs you can try to open your DVD temporary directory on disk with DVDShrink and you can now confirm you can see the ending of each title and also the menus.
8) Burn the DVD as you would normaly do with DVDShrink and Nero.

Hope this helps you and anyone else using this buggy unit, since it seems that Samsung has no intention of releasing a firmware update, to address this and the (many) other bugs I have found on this unit...

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