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Buffy the vampire and a few ( lots ? ) more questions !

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by dUnKle, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. dUnKle

    dUnKle Well-known Member

    Jan 1, 2001
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    Ok here goes, is the BUFFY box set going to have ALL of season 1 episodes or just half of them ? As for £39.99 at play if it has all episodes then its not a bad buy.

    Also has anyone seen the film GHOST DOG ? It sounds kind good but have not heard anything about it.

    Whats all the fuss about POKEMON ? I have the pinball game for gameboy which is good but as a film is it any good ? My girlfriends niece and nephew are on at me to get POKEMON and also POKEMON 2000 but would anybody over the age of 12 like them ?

    What about all these older TV shows coming out on R2 DVD. I have seen the the MICHAEL CAIN JACK THE RIPPER series is out. I loved this when I saw it on TV when it came out although that was many years ago. Is it any good ? whats the quality like ? And what about the other ones ? THE SWEENEY, MINDER and such. Someone said DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE was available, now she was subject to many a childhood fantasy [​IMG]

    Thats all for now
  2. neilbennett

    neilbennett Guest

    I think it's all of the 1st Buffy series. How come this and other Buffy series are not available on region 1?
  3. hank hill

    hank hill Guest

    buffy will first appear on aussie dvd, so check an aussie sight to see what is likely to arrive here.

    As to the other question, i dont think buffy is as big in america, or appeals to a lesser percentage of the population
  4. Guest

    Check out www.ezydvd.com.au They have the Buffy set there available for pre-order $79.95AUD which is very cheap and even better for those of you who are in the UK thanks to our absolutely woeful Aussie Dollar. [​IMG]

    That's pretty lame Milhouse!
  5. Matt @ DVD Debate

    Matt @ DVD Debate Guest

    Okay, don't quote me on these (I'm half asleep) but:

    Buffy - it is the full Season 1, but the first series was only 12 episodes (the rest were 24), so future series will likely be double boxsets. So the price isn't bad, but it's not a huge series.
    Reason behind us (and r4) getting them before R1 is due to who has the rights to distribute them in different countries. For once we get it first.
    Current rumour for R1 is January.

    Ghost Dog - good film, but don't go expecting a Leon style hitman flick. 2 opposing reviews by Lee and Neil on Debate if you want some views.

    Other questions - not a clue, not seen either of them.

    Hope thats vaguely understandable. Beer, late nights and early mornings don't improve my ability to type.

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