Buffer / caching problems: 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive via 1Gbit Ethernet on Dune RealVision 4K

Hello guys,

normally I only play MKV and 4K ISO files via external USB 3.0 drive on my Dune RealVision 4K and so far I'm very happy with the many firmware updates Dune provided to improve the playback capabilities. But as I also would like to play my films directly from (4K) Blu-Ray Discs, I recently connected my PC via Ethernet to my Dune and shared my LG WH16NS60 4K Blu-Ray drive via SMB (and NFS). On the PC I use DVDFab Passkey so that my Dune can play the files. I also made junctions of the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folder so that my Dune recognises it as a real Blu-Ray.

So far it works great on normal BD50 Blu-Rays. But as soon as I enter the "Triple Layer area" (BD66 / BD100) on 4K Blu-Rays I get stuttering regularly. It seems (and also the drive sounds) like it's buffering about every 30 seconds. Is there a reason why the buffering only happens in the later part of the film on these TL-BD's (so basically as soon as it leaves the Double Layer area)?

I made a read speed test on 4K Blu-Rays which is at about 15-20MB/s on my Dune (which results in stuttering on TL-BD's). When I play ISOs from a shared folder on the PC via network I'll get about 80MB/s (stutter-free). Are these speeds okay for a 1Gbit connection? (Shouldn't I get about 100MB/s from a non-Blu-Ray-source?)

I know that Blu-Ray drives cannot really reach much more than that but as I don't get any stuttering when playing the Blu-Rays directly on my PC's PowerDVD, I was wondering if there might be a way to increase the buffer / cache of my Dune (if that is the problem). Let's assume I would get about 5MB/s more somehow on my Blu-Ray drive it might work.

The speed difference between SMB and NFS is not really noticeable in my case so i don't think that is the problem. I used Allegro NFS as hanewinNFS gave me really bad speeds (maybe a bad setting?!) I use high quality Ethernet CAT7 cables (which are fast enough for 1Gbit) and my router is also capable of 1Gbit Ethernet.

I hope you guys have some cool ideas :)

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