Buffalo Link Station suitable for HD streaming?


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Anyone got one of these?

You can pick up the live 2TB version on Amazon for £110.

Alternatives in this price bracket seem to be a WD personal cloud.

I only need network storage and not everything associated with a fully fledged NAS really, in the interest of trying to keep the costs down. I will continue to run SBS on my revo.

It will be used to backup photos and to store MKV's mix of 720/1080p and stream them to my Revo 3700. All over a wired connection.

The Readynas and Synology are similar or more expensive with no drives included. Not adverse to 2nd hand but still this route will be more expensive.


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I used to run a 500GB Linkstation Live before I got my Microserver. It had a single-core 400MHz ARM CPU and it run Debian and Mediatomb for DLNA streaming. It had no problems at all streaming 1080p MKVs to my LG TV over 100 Mbps ethernet though I doubt it would cope streaming to multiple devices at the same time.


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Cool thanks for that.

Might give one a go then.

Anyone think of another similar priced solution worth considering?


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I have a LaCie Network Space 2 which has 2tb and cost me around £100.

It works fine with 720/1080p as long as the streaming device can handle it, eg my PS3 doesn't do .mkv so have to convert anyway.

Also it looks cool and LaCie have an app that you can use to access it on an idevice. Well, you could if you are a better man than I and can get the bloody thing to work properly with it. :)

Still a good NAS though.

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