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Hi all,
I've read through the best guides and other info on here, there's lots to take in.
Anyway I'm looking for advice on which 43"-50 tv would be fairly decent on a £450 - £550 ish budget, the tv will be solely used for the 4k Xbox one x ( not the new series X, don't need hdmi 2.1), and Netflix.
I currently have an old Panasonic tx-p42s31b, a simple 1080 old tv.
Now from what I read, with my budget there could be no point to buy another tv as a cheaper tv cant produce proper HDR.... now I'm obviously no expert but surely a tu8000 or u7qft is going to be better than what I have.
I understand I won't get true hdr 1000nits (whatever there are) all bells and whistles for £550, So I suppose I'm asking what could better than what I have.
Also I've seen info about buying in feb/mar for decent deals, is this correct.
Cheers all


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From now till about March, should be a very good time to buy: just keep in mind stock can sell out, so don’t wait too long.

TV wise, best check out this guide:

Personally I would go for 55” if you can, much better value, better tech and better range too. Hisense offer very good value; just make sure you pick the right tech (ie VA = narrow viewing angles, IPS = wider angles).

I can’t say if it will be miles better than your current one, esp given it doesn’t look like you will be watching UHD or HDR content. The bigger size could be worth it though......


I tried my best to explain this in the guide, with a link to this thread: All about HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Unfortunately HDR is unlike other display technologies before now in the sense that if you don't invest in a TV capable of displaying it properly, you'll get picture quality problems. So it certainly can be the case that it will look worse than you're using now.

If however you keep HDR disabled on the console, it won't be a problem at all using a cheaper TV like the Samsung TU8000.

If you considered a refurb you may be able to get a decent HDR TV, for example the Sony XH9505, or if you can't afford that; the Sony XH9005.

The deals come and go, see this thread:


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Older used OLEDs have dropped to the 500 mark now.

A gamble admittedly.


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Thanks hixs, its all very confusing, I may look into that, I think I need something capable of just producing decent Hdr, I may need to save and wait

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