Budget sub?


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I realise this has prob been asked before but I am looking for some recommendations for a sub between £100 and £200. Within the last year I have bought a marantz 5200 and mission 77c1 to go with my mission 773 fronts and mission m70 rears.
I am looking for a sub and would love a Rel or velodyne but they are out of my price range even 2nd hand.
Can anyone recommend a budget sub?


uncle eric

If you can raise your budget slightly higher to say £250-£300, REL's hugely underated, classic Q50's and Q100's sometimes rear their respective heads in the classifieds. They don't last long when they do come up so keep your eyes peeled.

Fat Bloke

I'm looking to sell my Yamaha YST320 for £225 inc, so I can buy a Velodyne!


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There is a JBL sun SH for £65 in the 4 sale section


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i got a paradidm ps1000 for £150 i think - RS special offer in WHAT HIFI mag.

I like the sound of it although they have mixed reviews.

It is a little on the large side but again i am not complaining.

Usual price is £250!



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I have seen the Kef 30b for sale at Hyperfi for £179 in this months What hifi ad. It would normally cost £500 if it were a current model, this has got to be a bargain if they have any left.

I suspect it would be better than the quake and the pro 50 based on comments Uncle Eric made about the 20b being the equal of the pro 50.


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Thanks for the advice
Looks like I'm going to get urbanT's paradigm pdr10 for £70 but will start the Rel's saving account soon.


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I have a Mission m70as that I picked up for £180 six months ago. Has line or LFE input and variable x-over plus 180 phase switching.

It sounds and operates wonderfully and matches with the m70 mission surround package very well. All in all very pleased. Difficult to justify a REL at £400+ on this basis although recognise REL as the one to have....


Don't know if you've noticed, but there's a link at the top of this page to a Monitor Audio ASW100, for £150.
May not be the last word in subwoofers but for £150 it certainly looks like a contender (on paper at least - never heard one myself).

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