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I am after a sub and have been trying to get the Pardigm 1000 from Richer Sounds but feel I am being led up the garden path and am not sure if I will receive one or not. Can anyone recommend a similar sub for around the £200 mark. An Eltax Atomic A12, or even a Kef psw1000 have been mentioned. Could someone please give me an honest review of the above or any other sugestions. £200 really is about the max I can get the other half to agree to.



My son recently bought a second hand KEF PSW1000, paid £70 for it, while I was with out a sub I connected it to my system, to be honest though it gave a little bottom end there was not a lot there below 40Hz, tended to produce a lot of boom when pushed, good value for my sons room at £70 but I wouldn't pay anything near £200, I just sold a REL Q50 for £220 which walks all over the KEF. My advice would be wait and look through the classifieds for a second hand sub, there have been a few just lately, some of these low budget subs can be no more than boom boxes.

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