Budget Sub recommendations ?


I've got a Mission M7C2 Centre, M72S fronts & M7DS rears, driven by a Sony STRDE585 Amp. I'm thinking of a Yamaha YSTW205 sub.

Will this be a good match or can anyone recommend another sub under £200 (must have auto power off).




I think the reason you got no response is that received wisdom on these forums is that subs of less than 300 or 400 quid are not worth it. I’m in your position with a similar set up, and trying to pluck up the courage to buy an MJ Acoustics 50 Pro (from 299 in black up to 425 in Rosewood).

If you get one of these cheaper subs – let us know how it sounds!


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Hungry I disagree :)

It's not that they not worth it its just that the expensive subs go lower.

I have a Paradigm PDR10 that cost £150 and always was very happy and definatly worth it.

Try getting a second hand sub in your price range, there have been a few on this site, for instance my pal got a Paradigm 1000 for £80! from this site.

Ian J

I agree, don't waste your money on a boomy midwoofer when you can buy a reasonable quality second sub for £200. The difference between the two will astound you.

Geoffrey Shrek

I'm selling my Yammy next week so if you want to hold on till I get my new one I'll let you have it cheap


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I was also looking for a budget sub recently, I'd seen all the hype about the MJA Pro 50, had a listen and was quite impressed. However at £300 I couldn't really afford it, I blew most of my disposable income this year on a Sharp M20-X projector. I was having a look round various HT sites and forums, when I came across http://www.cheaphometheatre.com . They had a review of a couple of subs, so I decided to take a look, cheap home theatre, I have no money, how could I go wrong :)

One of the subs reviewed was the Sony SA-WM40, it got a pretty good review http://www.cheaphometheater.com/sony-sawm40.htm . Hmm 12" driver, reasonable size box, £160 not too much of a loss if its absolutely terrible. So I ordered one from avland... (have seen them for £145 from techtronics, but avland had free postage, and, well I found avland first :) quite glad I did in the end, the service was great, I got it in 2 days from ordering)

First Impressions
Hmm have they shipped me a TV? The design of the thing makes it look very similar to a smallish TV, its front firing so the grille gives it a "fishbowl" style TV look, so it isn't going to get high WAF factor, but me being W'less and having very understanding flatmates the design isnt too much of a problem for me.

Under the grille is a fairly beefy looking 12" paper driver. The box is around 1.3 cu feet, is ported (with a rather silly looking boy racer style :) exhaust out the back). The amplifier is rated at 120W and rather than being inside the cabinet it sticks out from the back of the cabinet (this thing looks pretty ugly, but kinda manly).

The amplifier houses a number of connections switches and dials; line level in and out, speaker level in and out, contiuous variable crossover 50 - 170Hz, Phase, auto power off diable and a level dial.

How does it sound?
I wasn't really expecting that much from it, come on £160 it'll prolly fall apart as soon as I play anything at reasonable volumes. I should probably say my main usage of the sub is for movies, I very rarely listen to music on the HT system, usually while doing something else, so I'm more interested in getting big bang, rather than musical perfection. The room it's in is rather unusual in layout, half being living room, seperated by a worksurface and cupboards from the kitchen. Its about 3.5 x 6 m the HT is set up across one half of the room, projecting across the 3.5m part.

I was very surprised by the level of bass this thing can produce, placed near a corner the thing shakes you in your seats :) its not incredibly tight, but it does a pretty good job for most movies. I tried Monsters Inc with it, at around -18dB on the amp, it never gave a hint of just giving up and distorting, just lots of subwoofery goodness. it was occasionally a bit boomy, but it is in a corner, and it can also be helped by linig the inside walls of the sub with polyester filling material (the kind of stuff for putting in coat linings), which I have now done.

I tried some frequency sweeps, and sine waves at various frequencys. Unfortunately with part of the room being used as a kitchen, there are a number of "things" (plates, bottles and possibly other things) that vibrate when the sub hits various frequencies. I don't have an SPL meter, but intend to get one at some point. At lower frequencies(10 - 20Hz) the sub produces no sound discernable by ear (unless the level is turned up well over half way on the sub, then it blows around any detritus left on the studenty floor behind the sub :) ) at around 30Hz the output is around half of maximum (this is all subjective I know, will get proper tools one day) at 35 Hz the output is around the actual maximum. The sweep up from there to 150Hz had quite a few room enhanced frequencies :) especially once it reaches the resonant frequencies of the obligatory student empties collection.

For £160 (or £145) I don't think theres much around that would match this (well not new anyway), Worth a look if you want something cheap and fun for movies.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and may be wrong, don't hurt me I'm a newbie...


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