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I got a pair of Dali Oberon 3s recently which I'm really happy with, but i'd like a bit more bass to supplement things - I have a decent car setup with a 12" sub so sometimes listening at home feels like there's bits missing in the music.

It's only for music use really. Room is 3.5m x 5.5m. Usually listen at low to medium volumes, I'm in an apartment so need to be careful not to annoy the neighbours too much.

Amp is a NAD C320bee which has pre-outs so should be OK to connect a sub using Y connectors.

I'm looking to keep it fairly budget if possible and happy to go second hand.

There's a Dali E12F for sale near me which I reckon could be had for £260ish. Have read a lot threads on here and people say they're OK, but there's better options available. Was initially looking for a 9 as people say they peform better for music but the price for that turned my head - would it be decent value at £260-odd?

Other options are a Monitor Audio Bronze W10 for sale for £275 on here (colour isn't ideal though), or there's BK Electronics XLS200 on ebay for £320 (again, finish isn't ideal), or a Gemini II for £220 posted.

I'm erring towards the Dali on cost and finish, and that I'm not going to be pounding it so hopefully it will still perform reasonably well. Is that going to a sub-optimal choice?


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There's actually also a XLS200 MKII for sale locally for £250, finish isn't my first choice but could maybe live with it if there's a bit of flex on price. If it's still available I think that might be the best option?


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Here is few XLS200 more which is clearly very good choice for the low bucks. New grade-b from BKE with normal warranty. And if you want some specific finish you should call to Colosussxb and ask. Often there suddenly comes one available..

You can also wait 2-4weeks and we should start to see the P12-300SB for about 346£ + 10£ shipping on that site. It´s not much more what XLS200 costs, but good step up in many ways. If too expensive then XLS200, but personally i wouldn´t buy 2nd hand electronics... Risky business.

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