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I'm just looking for a bit of advice about what laptop to buy for uni, hopefully I've covered my requirements pretty well below- please say if there's anything I've missed. Any help would be appreciated.

Budget: The less the better. I'm quite flexible but say something like £350, though I'd be happy to spend less if I can get something appropriate or more if necessary.

Mostly general internet/ word processing. I'd like to be able to watch the occassional movie on it in reasonable comfort (though obviously it's never going to be amazing). Some photo editing but simple stuff (so no messing around with layers or things). The most resource heavy programs would probably be mathmatica/ maple but I don't mind leaving these running for a while (and I don't use them particularly often or for very heavy work). Absolutely no interest in gaming.

Weight isn't an issue. I'm going for a laptop to save hassel transporting it but it will be almost exclusively used in one place.

Preferable without too much preloaded 'stuff' that sits around in the background doing nothing useful. Ideally fairly durable/ not likely to fall apart/ blow up/ cause me hassel in the future. I don't really know if second hand stuff is appropriate, but wouldn't object if it was. Not fussed in the slightest if it runs Vista or XP or whatever.

So in short a simple cheap but effective laptop that doesn't do anything too fancy but turns on reliably and reasonably quickly.

Thanks in advance.


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have a look at dell. I got my inspiron 1501 for under £375, which includes a 9 cell battery (roughly 5 hours useage) which does everything I need it to do (surf web/email/a little gaming - football manager/working on spreadsheets/writing letters)

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