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What amp are you using to drive your current speakers?
£150 is a small budget and I feel it will be hard to probably get any improvement over your current ones if you were to replace all in one go.
You might be getter off just replacing the fronts (front l+r and center) and keeping the remaining sony's for rear duties (you can replace them later).
As to what speakers to go for depends on various things like size of room , do you want standmount or floor standing or do you want small satalite speakers? Also what your preferences are for music and movies?


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Thanks for your reply hawklord.

I have a Pioneer VSX-C100 which i think is really good. My room is average size 17ft by 12ft. And i would like small satalite speakers. I use my system for movies 90% of the time.

My subwoofer seems to have packed in and the speakers dont seem as good as when i bought them 3 years ago.

Any ideas to what sub and fronts i can maybe buy? would be happy for my sonys to be used as rears for now.


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I think for the budget you have it'll have to be an all in one system unless you don't mind buying in bits over time. The amp you have is more than adequate for a sub sat system but it would probably struggle with larger cabinate speakers because it's only 40w. You'd have to upgrade that too to benefit from a more expensive speaker package. Here's a few sub sat systems that are on offer for around your budget:-





if you can stretch a bit further (£190) this has had rave reviews and has been reduce from a rrp of £300:-


all of the above will do a good job of filling a small to medium room with surround sound. I'd go to rs and demo a few to see which you prefer:)

If you wanted to go the seperates route then I'd recommend getting these for your fronts:-



with this centre £50:-


or even better this centre £120:-


using your sony's as rears. These would sound a lot better than satelites but you'd have to buy a seperate sub later (around £200 for a good one). You'd also have to upgrade your av amp to one a bit meatier too something along the lines of this:-


There's a bit for you to think about there but the only way to get an idea of the pro's and con's of each is to go have a listen.

any other questions ask away:)

happy hunting



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you can get the Yamaha NSP220 for £100 from www.bennettsonline.co.uk

much much much much much better sounding package than the awful nsp100

if its not on their website ring
0800 458 1990


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I would go for the Tannoy FX 5.1's, I paid £170ish for mine, and they are worth every penny. A really good set for the money. Only 20 quid above your budget.


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Tannoy FX5.1s are fantastic- only thing that gripes me is the lack of crossover adjustment on the sub, which means some bloated upper bass frequencies. I also feel subwoofers should have provision for spikes.

but for £170 these are minor gripes. You need to buy a subwoofer lead though and I'd get thicker speaker wire than that supplied

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