budget speaker help


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need some speaker advice for 5.1 setup only have about £200-250 to spend

looking at tannoy fx
hkts 9
boston soundware xs
diamond 10.1
would it be best to buy complete package like these or to buy seperate front rears center and sub
rear speaker need to be satelite size as limited space
i currently have ae100 stereo speakers quite old but sound good would they be ok for fronts and can you bi wire them to amp


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What amp are you getting or got?
Is the £200 for speakers only?
You could use your ae speakers for fronts although you would really want the matching centre as well to give a good front soundstage. Most 7.1 receivers can be configured to biamp the fronts if only using a 5.1 setup but you would need to check the manual to be sure.
Personally I would go with the Diamonds or similar as I feel a budget sub/sat system will only dissappoint considering your current speakers. If the funds are limited you could just buy the front 3 for now and then add rears/sub later as more funds become available.

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