Budget speaker/amp setup?


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Searching this forum is difficult with many threads having the first few posts cut off...

I'm looking for some budget bookshelf speakers and amp setup to replace my surround sound setup which I think sounds slightly muffled with the rear speakers and bass lacking in the speakers and then too powerful the next when the sub starts doing something (doesn't integrate well with the music?)

It will be connected to my PC where I store my music collection in FLAC or EAC V0. I mainly listen to classical and postrock, with a little bit of rock.

I will be buying second hand, locally, and have a budget around £100 for the lot. No I do not have much more than a few coppers over this. :( :) Other than Ebay and local papers, are there other places to look?

There is a pair of Ruark Icon speakers quite local to me, that have been ruined by being painted white. But I can look over this if they sound great? (and go cheap).

If wanted my postcode is SS3 9LL.

So, err, educate me on top budget priced amps and speakers.. :p :lease:

Thanks for the help. :)

(I hope this is the right forum. Didn't seem right making 2 threads for the individual ones.)


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A difficult one... even buying second hand by the time you've factored in cables etc you'll be struggling a little with "decent hifi"

It might be worth considering a better PC audio system? The Acoustic Energy Aego M is excellent and can be purchased new for £90 from Superfi..


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I would greatly prefer having a 2.0 setup.

A NAD C320 would leave me ~£40 for a couple of bookshelf speakers?

Btw. What problems may happen if you get a AMP that can provide 40watts but the speakers are rated for say 60?


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Not a problem with the amp providing 40 and the speakers only handling 60... tbh they're some quite lightweight speakers if that is the case.

For reference my amp claims 30 watts and the speakers can handle > 150 watts.

I'm trying to recall decent budget speakers of recent years, and 2 that spring to mind as impressing me are the Kef Cresta 1 and the Kef Q15, the latter being substantially better, i'm not sure if you'd get them for £40 though!


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For this budget, I think you really need to be looking at some old mid range classics from a decade or two ago. For the amp something like a:-
Creek 4040
Nad 3020
Musical Fidelity B1 or A1 if your lucky.
Marantz PM-55SE or similar.
Possibly an older obscure Sugden or Exposure amp too.
You may also get lucky on an older Rega Brio.

For speakers its a bit tougher. Ruarks do tend to be good. Old Rogers and Castles tend to go for good prices and give great value for money. Keep an eye out for older Royds or Rega speakers too. Otherwise your looking at some more recent cheapo standmounts like Gales, TDL's, Eltax, the usual suspects found in bargin bins at Richersounds. Perhaps not as good as the classics I mentioned first, but not too bad and usually very cheap. In fact I may have a pair of TDL Nucleus 2's going spare in the very near future...


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"Tannoy Venus Mk II"

They are 20 years old but they are just round the corner from me (well 30mins worth) and look like new apart from the covers. Good bet?

Will there be any difference not having covers on the speakers? Logic says it is there to protect the cone from childrens fingers... Am I right in thinking that?


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yeah all the covers do is protect them fron getting damaged.

Keep an eye out for tannoy m1's, well worth a look on ebay for these

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I'd suggest posting a wanted ad on this site. A lot of hifi enthsiasts tend to have older, but still very good, kit collecting dust in a corner which they've never got round to selling. It's also worth posting a wanted advert on Hifi Wigwam - exclusively stereo enthisiasts on that site so better chance of success.

If it's any use to you, I have a pair of Mordaunt Short MS15 book shelf speakers (my first hifi speakers from nearly 20 years ago!) and a Nakamichi receiver (not sure of the model number but is about 15 years old and retailed for around £600). They're not in the same class as the kit you should be able to buy for £100 second hand with a bit of careful looking but they'd get you up and running.

You're more than welcome to have these for free - currently not used and using up space. I live in Hutton so not far from you. I'm in Southend once a fortnight or so (come on you Shrimpers!) so could possibly drop them off.


Mark F

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Further thought, greenhomeelectronics is worth a look for cheaper second hand hifi.

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