Budget screen for a small, light room?


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I'm setting up my first projector, a JVC X35, mainly for watching films in the evening. Having tried it out with an old slide projector screen, we enjoyed the cinema experience which is what we were after. However we're sitting close to the screen, and the room's small, with light walls. With little ambient light I noticed a lot of light spilling off the screen and lighting up the walls.

I'd like to get a screen which will reduce the spillover and hopefully give an even better picture. I wonder whether a gray screen or some sort of ALR screen - we're sitting nearly on-axis - with a lower gain would help?

I'm looking for around a 92" screen; manual pull-down would be my first choice to keep the cost down. My budget probably doesn't extend to tab-tensioned unless I find a used example and I suspect that reducing stray light is a higher priority than a flatter screen.

Can you suggest screen materials or models which would suit my situation?



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An x35, that's a good projector.

Depending on how dedicated you want to make the room, choose from the following.

Pond lining and tape for windows. (Electrical tape - no damage, gorilla tape - permanent).

Matt black (stage) paint for walls/ceiling.

Black carpet.

Do you have free space on your screen wall.
Power staple screen material and apply a big border with black felt.

If you can do the above, measure towards projector at screen.

Amazon product
FC(foot candles) x screen gain = 12 (16:9 aspect ratio) / 14 (2.4:1 aspect ratio)
Use iris.


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Thanks for the suggestions and all good advice. As this room is a living room 95% of the time, I can't revamp it as a dedicated home theatre. It's quite crowded hence I have to use a pull-down screen or similar.

There's little light from outside, most of the light in the room is reflected light scattering from the screen, and the projector has a high output for the size of screen, so I wonder whether gray or ALR material with lower gain and/or narrower viewing angle would reduce the effect of scattered light from the walls and ceiling?


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Thanks, the JVC is a long-throw projector with 900 lumens max, so not enough for the Vividstorm.

Although I'd have thought the required output would depend on throw? As the closer the projector and screen, the brighter the image.

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