Budget projectors with Hori/Vert Lens shift.


I have an old Sanyo Z5 that has great lens shift options that makes it easy for me to get a good image in any of my rooms on the tripod next to me. The horizontal lens shift is really useful. I always have the horizontal lens shift set to full left to have the projector in the side of the room.

I was looking for a new projector with some better colors and 1080/4k resolutions just to get a better experience. Though I can't find any budget projectors with Hori/Vert lens shift below 2000$. I was thinking of doing a splurge and get a 4k "BenQ HT3550" but at 1500$ that doesn't even have the H/V lens shift. (or the Optoma HD143X also no options)

Anyone have a good suggestion for an upgrade for a happy Sanyo Z5 user.

Seems like not much has happened on product quality since 2008? Please let me know if you have experienced what the change from a Z5 to a new 2019 projector feels like..

Specs of Sanyo Z5:

I use my projector for Homecinema, Office work (Programming), Youtube. (Looking for stunning colors and high pixel details, true colors are secondary as long as they look impressive it good)

Lens shiftVert.: +/-100% Hori.: +/-50% manuell
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Epson tw7300 or tw7400, although not sure if it’ll go on a tripod as quite big, but bigger means quieter!! 👍


Hi Thatsnotmynaim and others,

Thank you for the tip. Seems like some great options just a little close to the 2000$ mark. I will consider this if impossible to find a cheaper option.

Can you suggest any options in the 500-1000$ range that would have horizontal lens shift? Maybe 1080p/1440p QHD. I think QHD(1440p) is high value for money where 4k(2160p) sometimes gives you more pixel than you can "see". Plus only ~10% of the content I watch is 4k.

When i do programming on my 1080p projector. I now have trouble with small text being a bit pixelated/blurry. Will 1440p fix this or would i need to go 4k(2160p)?

Can we even perceive 4k pixel density on 4meter distance to the largest image(4-6m wide) on projectors?

Ps. If non-lensshift projector has more than 50% cost reduction I might be open to go with that.

Thank for all your advice.

Image) Reference to how much more pixel density you get for each screen size.
pixel density overview.png
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