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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by SimonG, Aug 21, 2002.

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    I was wondering what the views were on what percentage of a budget should go on what kit.

    I have my DVD player (Tosh SD200e) multi remote (Marantz RC1200), my Sky Dodgybox for FTV/FTA only (Panasonic) and my TiVo, and am looking to upgrade only the 5+year old sound and vision part of my kit.

    My latest and greatest thoughts are to get the following:
    Television Toshiba 42PW23P £1276.44
    Amp Yamaha HTR-5550RDS £289.19 from
    Speakers Mission FS2/AV £402.97 from

    As much as opinions on the kit (which I can search on this forum) I wondered if you though £400 speakers on a £300 amp is silly, or that 80% of my budget should go on a magical SCART cable or some pointy things for speakers?

    With the DVD and TiVo is a 32" Thomson and a Yamaha HTiB45 enough, in other words are the qualities of these two limiting what I can get?

    Contstraints are budget of £2,000 (not £2,001) and reasonably Mem Sahib friendly (or as friendly as a 36" CRT or 42" Rp stuck in the corner can be to the mrs!).

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    I don´t tend to think of it in percentages but go for the best within my budget. You have a big chunk of your budget going on the TV whereas someone else may consider the audio side to have more priority and spend more money on that. Its down to personal taste really.

    Other amps/receivers to consider in the same price range as the Yamaha are models from Denon/Marantz/Harmon Kardon. The Mission speakers are pretty popular and well liked by a lot of people. The dvd you have is still an excellent player, no need to change that.

    In the end, go with what you like the sound of (and what fits the ideas of missus!!).:)

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