Budget point and shoot for a keen 10yr old?

richard plumb

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My daughter haas been using an old phone of mine to take photos. For her 10th birthday coming up, I'd like to get her something a bit better, so looking at point and shoots. There is an offer at the moment to get the ixus 132 for £60 from rymans, but would I get a lot better quality by spending a bit more?

In the back of my mind I'm also wondering whether handing down an old smartphone (or buying something like a lumia 520) might be an option too - with wifi she could email herself the photos to see easily on a big screen. But no zoom, and I'm guessing the general quality on budget smartphones isn't as good as a budget P&S?

(Although if I buy a new lumia 930 or 1020, she could have my 920..)


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I've had a couple of Canon compacts and I've always been pleased with them.
You get decent image quality and they're reasonably durable.
This review seems fairly complimentary, click through for what they consider to be it's main rivals.
Canon IXUS 132 Review - Conclusion | PhotographyBLOG

One thing to note is that my 10 year old girl is much more interested in trick modes than I am. So a smartphone which can use image manipulation apps (instagram etc.) might be more interesting than a straight camera with good image quality.

Samsung do a Galaxy camera which runs android but I suspect it's out of your price range even second hand.

richard plumb

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I think the Ixus has a few trick modes.

The only downside to a phone is that she might want to use it as a phone. That's something we didn't give to my son until he was 12, so that might cause arguments. plus a camera has that dedicated approach that might be a good thing - she can tend to get distracted.


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Sure - my little canon has colour swapping and selected colour modes. My much more expensive Olympus CSC has a bunch of trick modes too but - well they don't interest me enough to play with them. I'm not 10 though :D

You can get Wifi enabled SD cards which allow you to transfer images direct from the camera, but they may be well beyond your price range as I suspect are Wifi enabled point and shoots.

I would imagine you could add a PAYG sim with no credit to a smartphone and the WiFi etc. will work but it can't call or text. You'll never win that "but it's a phone" argument with your elder kid though.

I guess a "real" camera is going to be a better long term if she is interested in photography.

FWIW I bought my kid a Kodak ZX1 when she was 8 as she was interested in taking pictures. It does decent video and is rugged and waterproof which at that time seemed sensible. She sporadically takes a lot of pictures with it then nothing for months. She also did some stop motion animation with it.
I decided against buying a point and shoot with an extending zoom lens as they are fragile - one good knock with it open and it will fail.
Fuji do cameras with internal zoom mechanisms and sliding lens covers which might be more child friendly e.g. FinePix Z110

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