Budget plate amps for Earthquake Q10B


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Hi all. I instigated a group buy on the Earthquake Q10B, it needs around 150 - 300wRMS @ 8ohms. Few people went for the BKA1000 amp to drive these which I thought was a little pricey.

Was looking around for a subwoofer plate amp. Nice to use as can fit them into the sofa, and have built in crossovers. Found a few really cheap ones on ebay, around £100 delivered with claimed power around 300wRMS 8 ohms. Are these any good? Upto the job? Clearly their just used for shaking my sofa to bits so fidelity isn't the highest convern here, but realistic power specs are - oppinions?

250W Pure bass subwoofer amplifier + panel+Transformer | eBay


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Fitting a plate amp sounds like alot of hassle, why not just keep an eye out for a second hand power amp?


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I found a pro level power amp, a behringer ep1500. However the 125w @ 8 ohm plate amp I had is more than enough I've found...

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