Budget or High end player for large screen



I've recently bought a Toshiba 530E (it has progressive scan, component connections) and intend to by a Sanyo PLZ-Z2 projector for use with a 100" diagonal screen. I've been told that the Tosh is no good for such a large screen and I should invest in something like the DenonDVD 2200. I can't afford the Denon so should I wait until I can before I buy the screen and projector? Or Should the 530E be good enough?


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A DVD player not good enough for a large screen? :confused:

That's a new one on me I must say, I'd love to know the context in which that was said. Doesn't make much sense to me.


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I run a Tosh 220e with a Sanyo Z1 projecting onto a 10ft diagonal screen and all I can say is WOW! everytime I look at it.

Trust YOUR eyes not what someone else says,If its ok to you thats all that matters

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