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Hi, I have spent a couple of hours searching for the forum for ideas but not convinced yet, so...

I have a large HD connected directly to my wi-fi router which I currently use for photo and video backups but I'd like to put music on it and play that music in my kitchen through a cheap and preferably one-box system. I don't do Apple but I've got Android devices, if needed.

Ideally, I want something with a screen, a reasonable GUI and reasonable power (large kitchen).

So far, I've read about;
Squeezebox: but I don't have an existing hi-fi to connect that to.
Altec Lansing inAir 5000: no display, or am I missing something? Review on Amazon says it doesn't work with Android?
Denon DN7xxx..er...something: looks great but bit big and needs speakers (and maybe amp as well?).
Pioneer XSMC3: looks perfect BUT lots of bad reviews saying wi-fi is dodgy?
Sonos 3: but not clear if it will see/play from my HD drive?

Any opinions or other ideas? Sorry, but a measly £200-300 budget...
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Can the disk be used as a network share by a PC/Mac?

If so, the Sonos can use it. Unless you can connect the PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 by ethernet, you'd also need a Sonos Brdge. No dispay, but there's a free Android app for controller.


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OK, went for the Sonos - preferred the extra power and bloke in Richer Sounds reckoned the squeezebox would only get to my HD if it was connected to a PC and switched on all the time (he may have been talking cr*p as he didn't sell the squeezebox but I liked the Sonos anyway).

Thanks for all the help. :)

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