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Question Budget L Shaped Room Advice


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We're about to move into a new house with an odd shaped lounge, I've currently got a cheap projector, cheap single box receiver and surround system and I'm looking for something a bit better that my girlfriend will tolerate. I also need to keep costs down, I'm no audiophile by any stretch and easily pleased, but would still like something fairly good and a step up from what I've got now.

I've also got a 2 year old so anything free standing is a no go, and this has to pass the girlfriend "hidden away" test. This is what I'm currently thinking, but I'm very open to ideas and suggestions, the odd shaped room makes things a bit difficult as does us wanting to keep our existing corner sofa.

I'm going to mount the projector in a box on the ceiling above the sofa and project onto the opposite wall. I'm thinking of boxing out the opposite wall to incorporate 3 speakers behind an AT fixed projector screen. Something like 3 CP-WT140LCRs mounted behind a 100" Spitfire Premier (to allow for 4k when I eventually upgrade the projector). I'm going to build a unit below the screen with a motorised lift for my TV so that it's in-front of the screen when not projecting and put something like a CW8 sub into the unit.

I know that the sofa agains the wall isn't ideal, but I don't have much choice, I thought that the on wall sound frames 1 on either side of the sofa on the side walls would work as surrounds and two ceiling mounted CP-CT150s to complete a 5.1.2 solution, completed with a Denon AVR X2700H. We'll use the screen mostly for movies and Netflix etc and the primary driver will probably be a ps5.

How does all that sound? I'm very much a beginner to all this, but since we need to redo the lounge wanted to take the opportunity to put something in that is better than I currently have without breaking the bank!

Any advice would be much appreciated, as would any other ideas on laying out the room


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Much appreciated, yes, that's what I'm thinking. Having spoken to the gaffer, she now wants a drop down screen in front of the window. So It's looking like a non AT dropdown screen and 3 speakers around.

Does this sound ok?

Front Centre:
L/R Fronts:
2x CP-WT260
2x SoundFrame 3 On-Wall
2x CP-CT150
Sub: MRW-10

AV Receiver: Denon x2700H

I'm a bit confused on power outputs and whether this receiver is powerful enough for this set up. Does it look ok?

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