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I have decided to get a budget HiFi system without speakers. Instead I will use pretty good headphones (Philips HP-890), because my room (and my neighbours) makes "loudspeaker-HiFi" impossible. Furthermore it's cheaper, which is important to me...

Anyway. Here's some questions on the issue:

Is it possible to get good sound...
...directly from a budget CD-players headphone jack (eg. Sony CDP-XE570)?
2. ...directly from a budget DVD-players headphone jack (eg. Samsung DVD-324)?
3. ...by combining any of the above with a budget stereo amp (eg. Sony TA-FE570) and using its headphone jack?
4. ...directly from a good CD-receivers headphone jack (eg. Denon UD-M30)?
5. ...from another budget solution? (<£250)

My definition of good sound is rather "maximum sound for the money", than "best quality money can buy", but off course quality is important... Otherwise I'd stick with my current Philips mini-combo...

All comments appreciated!
Thanks alot.
I would be almost certain your best option isto get a reasonable cd player and combine with a headphone amp such as the MF, or i personally use a creek amp. The sound will be far better than using headphone jacks on any player or normal amp.

The headphone amps in most disc players and budget AV amps are pretty poor efforts. If you are going to do a lot of headphone listening then it is definately worth getting a good headphone amp, like buns has said.

I can also add the Rega Heaphone amp (£118) and the new Project amp (£150) to the recommended list.
i would have to 2nd the Project offering, it has 3 line nputs and 2 headphones outputs, not sure why? the musical fidelity is very nice as well!

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