Budget HiFi Advice For My Mate


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My mate has asked me to get him a 'starter' system together. He has £600 to spend.

He likes indie and rock music. Could you guys suggest some combos.

I was thinking about

B&W DM601 S3
Cambridge audio azur 540A
Marantz cd5400

Would this combo be ok?

What do you guys suggest?


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That sounds pretty solid - does he mind going second hand? Check out nad, rotel etc and get him down to a hifi retailer to demo :)


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I've just picked up a Rotel RT-940AX tuner second-hand from Audio T. Originally £235, I got it for £70 and it's definately worth the money. If you shop around, going the second-hand route can yield some good bargains.


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Hold it there Bogman, Boggyman, whatever you're name is! :D I bought both the Marantz/cd & B&Ws (you've quoted) in the last week & returned them both for the NAD C521BEE & KEF IQ3s instead. The £difference£ was £60. The sound difference to me though was priceless. :thumbsup: P.S I'm also using a Cambridge Audio P55 amp (old style).
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