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Hi folks, I am building a garden room and have decided to make it a family cinema as well.

As with all things best layed plans were forgotten and budget constraints have meant Facebook marketplace has been the source for a lot of the room build and subsequent AV purchases.

The room is 3.5m deep by 3m wide with white ceiling but a mostly dark blue wall, it has office furniture in there so things will need to be shuffled when it's movie time.

The screen will hopefully cover most of a 2.4m window, there is also a 2.5m bifold door. Projectors were not a consideration when designing the room.

Usage will probably be in the semi dark and do plan blinds but this will never be a super dark room.

I have already brought a projector on a whim from FB as it was cheap. It's an Epson EF-11. I liked the small form factor as it's a small room as well as it's low fan noise as it does not have a hot lamp.

I have mounted it as close to the project screen as I thought I could tolerate in the room at about 2.4m. I did originally want it mounted on the rear wall and will now need to extend the hdmi cable but hopefully this is a good compromise. I guess I could move it but really don't want to.

I am thinking I will need a slightly smaller screen than the current throw and will have to accept loosing some of the image / brightness and keystone to the available screen.

I have almost no real budget for a screen so it's really what is the best of a bad bunch to start with. I am considering the premier? £100 grey 100" screen. I believe the grey may assist given a light room and a not overly bright projector. I have seen an almost identical grey screen but with a higher gains and unsure where my proposed setup is most lacking and therefore the key trait to any screen.

Quick pics of the work in progress to show the space. No seating as yet but will be under the projector against the back wall.


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