Budget Floorstanders for a small room...


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I've a Marantz sr5400 amp in the box room....currently have some low end mission bookshelves which are revealing and loud enough for the room, but dont create much of a sound stage and lack grip on low end frequencies.

Can anyone recommend some budget floor standers ? I guess I dont want to spend more than 200 quid.



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Careful putting floorstanders into a "box room". They need more room to breathe to avoid the extra bass they offering from booming unpleasantly.

You may be better off with an improved bookshelf speaker for some more low-end, however the lack of grip and soundstage problems are also partly due to the Marantz, which isn't the last word in music control. A new budget stereo amp may be a better bet.

Or even dump both and get a AE Aego M instead? ;)


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interesting - hadn't doubted the amp before....but had worried about 'boom' because of the size of the room.

i guess the surround sound could go downstair, where its extensive features would be appreciate and its performance not scrutinised quite so much.

...which would leave me needing work horse stereo amp and bookshelfs - for not a great deal of money .....argh!


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Have to generally agree with Nobber2 on this one, but if you really must have floorstanders you will not go wrong with AE EVO 3's but also consider stand mounts and the Aelite 2's.

B Grade is "we need to clear the warehouse"


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thanks both...have to audition the Aego M .............................seems to good to be true.


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There's some nice Royd Minstrels on ebay. They're quite slim in design, have bass ports on the side, so you should be able to get a good sound that's not too boomy, whilst placing them close to the walls. If they go for anything less than £150, you've got yourself a bargain.


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aye, i'd say consider second hand, some brilliant bargains can be had, avoid rear porting if possible but dont stress too much as you can always bung the ports to help control the boom to a certain degree.....

but if you get larger cabinet standmounts you'd be surprised just how much bass they can produce without so much boom.....my Monitor Audio Silver S2's are standmounts but with a 7in mid/bass driver and they can kick out very nicely in a 18x12 room without a problem.....tbh they give just as much depth as my floorstanding Wharfedale Diamond 7.3's.....

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