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I'm looking for the perfect companion for a Sony HS20, but I dont have a huge budget for a DVD Player, I would like to upscale to 720p and the following players seem to fit the bill

Samsung 935
Momitsu V880
Bravo D1
Yamakawa 365

I have almost made my mind up to go for the Momitsu, but I believe there is a network version out on the 24th of March.

Does anyone know anywhere in the UK where I can get one of these players (even ebay?), it looks like I will have to probably get the Momitsu from the US or HK.

Many Thanks for any help



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We're only going to recommend what we have!

I will cast my support for the Yamakawa. DVI works fine with my plasma. All the upscales work and are displayable.

Picture is very much best I have seen on it.

Works out to be £135 imported from Germany and I got mine in a week.
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