Budget DVD Recorder Advice £100-£150



I am going to buy my first DVD recorder but have become confused by the various formats, cheap makes, etc. I simply want to get my old VHS tapes onto a DVD format which will play on any machine. Not bothered about editing facilties, etc. Might copy the odd programme from Sky+ but won't use every day.

Can anyone recommend a budget recorder around the £150 ?

Models I have thought about are Panasonic DMRES10, Liteon 5005B, Sony RDRGX210S (but have read bad reviews about RGB / RF problems), Samsung DVDR122.

These are all -R models. Is it worth getting a multi-format just incase ?


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The Panasonic does +R and ram, also -RW. I don't have this model, but I have previous versions and they are good machines, easy to use.

Apart from good recording quality, they also pass through the signal when the machine is in standby, which not all machines will do.
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