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Hey I'm currently looking for a budget ATX tower case, Ideally spend under £40, and to include 3/4 5.25drives, and a 3.5, space for 2 hdds, In black, and relatively nice to look at, and be able to keep the noise in, with a good amount of space for airflow.

I had a look in maplin earlier and only one interested me, but it would have been getting it for the sake of it, because I got a bit fedup looking online, and not having a clue. If somebody would be kind enough to help me - preferably if you have/have had the case you suggest, would be appreciated.

thanks :)


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CoolerMaster Centurion 5 ~ £37.01

Review here

Score 9/10

Quiet fans
Excellent drive mounting mechanism
Screw-free AGP and PCI card retention mechanism

No removable motherboard tray
Not the coolest internal temps I've ever seen


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Centurion's a nice case, I have one, pretty roomy and well laid out. The screw free retention mechanism isn't the best over time, unless they've redesigned it as mine is a few years old, but a pretty good case none the less.


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What was wrong with the Zen?

Flimsy/cheap side panels.
Front air intake is almost non existant.
Not possible to remove front top 5.25 cover.

Only positive point was it included two 120mm fans - still had to undervolt them IIRC.

I've built systems in the Antec SLK3000B and much better construction IMO.

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