Budget cable trunking (CHEAP and Cheerful)

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by PerfectBlue97, Jan 2, 2017.

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    I'm looking for a mail order source in the UK that can supply "cheap and cheerful" box section cable trunking with a minimum box section dimension of 2cm. Preferably in 2m lengths or longer

    It's going to go on the underside of shelving\cabinets, so it won't be visible, and I'm not going to be looking at swapping cables in\out of it on a regular basis.

    Essentially, it's one and only function will be to keep cables together.

    The emphasis here is on quantity rather than quality. So I'm looking for ultra cheap (cheaper than D-Line, at least). I won't need trim or corners as it's not going to be visible.

    I've tried using cable ties, and I've tried using those clips that stick on to furniture to hold cables, but I'm trying to eliminate any surface that isn't smother and regular and which might trap dust, attract cobwebs, or which can't be wiped clean without snagging a cloth.

    D-Line trunking has proved very effective at this, for the visible areas, but it's too expensive for the amount that I'm going to need to to the hidden areas.

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