Budget AVR with pre-outs and HDMI 2.1?


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Our new audio+video source and projector only use HDMI. Trouble is my old audio stuff lack modern connections and I'm friggin' done fiddling with sh*tty HDMI audio extractors. I need advice on a new AVR with pre-outs for R/L fronts that can be run simultaneously with the powered outs. Basically, I could use a decent DSP with good decoding, but that segment seem exclusively tailored to the economically unhindered, so I gave up and decided to look for an AVR with the latest HDMI standards (bare minimum fuss-free 2.0b HDR10) able to handle the new audio codecs from Dolby, DTS etc.

*I now only have a 5.0 surround setup (no sub) but if viable wouldn't rule out adding speakers. Although the sofa's agains the back wall so surround side speakers is out.
*Front speakers are big-ass with potent bass, powered by a Vincent mk-236 integrated stereo amp that I want to keep. (Lacks HT bypass but I can live with setting the volume knob correctly before watching movies.)
*I also have an old Sony 5.1 AVR with 5.1ch inputs that I guess could power stuff. Perhaps some added speakers in the future if my new AVR allows it? I really hate throwing away working electronics in a time when our planet is filling up with trash.

Found the popular Denon X3700H a bit expensive and overkill since my surround/centre speakers are small/kind of easy to drive. Maybe Marantz NR1711 but I couldn't confirm whether it allows mixed use of pre-outs and powered channels when watching movies? Not necessay with more than 5.1 but a bonus if I could find an AVR that allows some future channel expansion. Even better if the AVR can repurpose the channels "freed up". I find it hard to tell what can be done from reading manuals and reviews. What would you suggest? I'm too old and rather lost in this new Home Theater world. I do find it weird that the AVR models with the least internal power are the ones lacking pre-outs; I mean I'd feel the same if all luxury cruise ships had oxygen tanks while submarines lacked even a basic WWII schnorkel.

Appreciate your time and effort.
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Not a lot of options, pre-outs are generally only on higher models.

The Integra DRX-3.4 would do it, otherwise the X3700H would be the cheapest I think.


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I agree the x3700 is your best choice.

You could look at older models like x3500/x3600 since it gets refreshed yearly. I think the x3500 was the first time the X3*00 series got preouts. You could bag a saving by buying an older use model. However, these are only hdmi 2.0b as per your post, however your title mentions hdmi 2.1 which will limit you to models from the last year or so. Several manufacturers don't even offer hdmi 2.1 yet. So be sure if you want it (8k or 4k120 for games consoles) as it limits your options considerably

An AVR is the budget choice, if you went for a seperate pre-processor then amplifiers for each output, I'm sure you would run up a much higher cost than using an AVR. As to using the existing Sony AVR, I don't believe it's possible to push the output from one AVR into another and just use the amplifier for power.

New AVRs usually come out yearly, but nothing came this year due to silicone shortages, as such the prices haven't dropped. They have actually risen since release. Maybe black Friday next year, in November 2022 you might be able to make a saving.
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If only wanting pre outs for the left and right channels then you'd not need the X3700 and there are cheaper options.

The Denon AVR-X2700 and Yamaha's RX-V6a AV receiver both include pre outs for the left and right channels. It should however be noted that despite having 3 8K/4K 120Hz cpmpliant inputs, the Yama is capped at 24Gbps and is still awaiting a promised firmware update to activate its HDMI version 2.1 capabilities,

The NR1711 does also include pre outs for the left and right channel and you'd be able to utilise the external amp in a multichannel setup, but not reassign the unused integral amps you were using the external amp instead of. No, you cannot use the pre outs on this receiver or on the X2700 or the A6 to expand the number of speaker you can have betond 7 and all three AV receivers ahave only 7 channels of processing that limits then to 7 speakers at ant oine time.
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The Denon AVR-X2700 and Yamaha's RX-V6a AV receiver both include pre outs for the left and right channels.
The x2700 has Zone 2 pre-outs not pre outs for front left & right channels...


The Yamaha (as you say), does though 👍🏼

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