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Afternoon all,

This is my first post here, and I think I have it in the right section, if it isn't please can it be moved?

I'm moving house in the next month and I'd like to get an AV setup organized before I move in. Its a rented property but the lounge requires decorating and new carpets when I move in, so I'd like to get cables run etc before decorating for a really clean setup.
As the title suggests this will be a budget build, I expect to be piecing together the system over the next few months as funds allow, but I would like to get all of the cabling organized before decorating.

The TV I currently have will be too small for the new lounge so a new TV will be first on the list.
This is the first time I have done this before so I'm just getting to grips with all of the terminology and equipment that I will require.

The room is approx 11' square, but I will confirm these measurements after I have revisited the property this weekend. I would like to connect a Virgin/Sky+ box, Nintendo Wii, Dvd/bluray player & Xbox 360 to the TV.

The equipment which I will be looking for is:

AV receiver
Front speakers
Rear speakers
Centre speaker

I'm not sure which size TV will be optimal for this size room, I'm assuming something in the 42" region?

I think that most of the equipment will be second hand, as I've always found with careful selection I can get great products for not a lot of money. I'm assuming that in the AV world there are items which punch way above their weight. The only exemption to this will probably be the TV as I would like a 5 year guarantee for this.

So what I would like to know is some specific items that I should be looking out for on the AV forums. eBay, gumtree etc.

Also, I would like to purchase all of the cabling within the next fortnight so that it is ready to go, what cabling should I be looking to buy? Also what is the best way to run speaker cable to the rears, would it be possible to lay them before the carpet goes down?


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