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Budget Android Phone Advice.


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I am looking out for a new Android Phone (I currently have a Galaxy W, which is almost unusable now).

Any advice on what to get would be much appreciated.

I found lots of reviews that suggest the Motorola Moto G is a great buy, but is there anything else out there that is similar in terms of price/spec?

I know you can get the Moto G for about £100.00 if you shop around but I was wondering if I went to £150.00, is there anything I could get with 4G? I am on Giffgaff, and they are starting to offer 4G in October.

My only other real requirements are at least 1GB RAM (though 2GB would be nice), Kitkat and acceptable battery life. Micro SD would be even better but would be able to make do with 8GB of storage.

I have heard that a Moto G with 4G is coming out soon. Should I perhaps wait for this?



IMO No. Over £150 the Galaxy S3, S3 mini and S4 mini are worth considering. You would need a custom ROM for KitKat on the S3. If you move away from android and want 4G the Nokia Lumia 525, 625, 920.
However, the Moto G would still be my first choice.


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Thanks for that - I am beginning to think that you are absolutely right.

I have just had read that Giffgaff will be offering 4GB with 2GB cap on usage so I am just going to stick with 3G for the time being.

What do you think of the 8GB vs 16GB argument?

I think I might spend a bit more to get the extra storage.

Any ideas where I can get a decent deal on the 16GB version?


It all depends on your personal opinion and use. Some people want to keep their entire music collection on their phones, others stream everything. I'm in the 2nd camp.
I use cloud storage for everything, but would struggle with 8GB. My app data and cache data alone is over 8GB. I would would recommend the 16GB version. Hotukdeals tend to keep track of the best deals. Tesco did have good prices.
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If you are stretching to £150 wait a couple of weeks, they confirmed the moto g is getting a 4g variant with micro SD for £150. It addresses 2 if the big issues people had with the original moto g and should cover most people needs


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Thanks very much for your help on this guys.

As long as the 4g variant is identical in every other way (and the previews seem to suggest so), I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks for this.

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