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could anybody tell me if i could get a good amp , dvd player and 5.1 sound.for 665 as mention in other threads was way 2 but the th p1200.but started thinking if i could buy seprates and still get a good system .hav no problems running wires .but it does hav 2 be in black
any help would be great
thanks alot again again again again
Could Get An Good System For This - Maybe Even Looking Thur For Some 2nd Hand Bargains!
maybe something like a yamaha av59 - £300 , get any dvd player then, say £100ish, i would then spend rest on a pair of bookshelf speakers for better stereo, say jbl e20 (£150) then good cables!

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I was faced with this dilema when I wanted to go back to seperates after a brief spell with an "all in one".....

Shopped around and bought a TEAC amp, TEAC DVD player and a brilliant 5.1 ELAC speaker system.
I have since upgraded the DVD player to a SONY HDMI equipped unit, but this in itself was only £80.00.

For my use, this set up is spot on, and all in all it cost me just under £500.00 (about the same price as the all in one)..

Love it to bits, and everybody who hears it thinks it cost a lot more money than it actually did.

It's all in silver, but then so is my telly!!

Radiowave mentioned "superfi"...I used them to purchase my ELAC speakers and their service was first classs.
I purchased my amp and DVD player from these guys...

Cheapest I found on the 'net and again, brilliant service and delivery.

Hope that helps


There you go!! Just put a fairly decent package together for you...

TOTAL PRICE....£659.03 and I bet it will knock any all in one system into a cocked hat

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