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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by jameshopkins, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Hi guys - this is my first post here and I'm sure the first of many more :)

    I'm looking into building up an entertainment system and will be starting with the TV. Later on this year, I'll be moving into a flat, but for the moment the TV will be going into my bedroom; I understand that the viewing distance is a consideration when deciding what size TV to get (mine will be around 6ft); my theory is the bigger the better- I went to Tottenham Court Rd today, and had a look at several 50"s and stood around 6ft away from them, and was comfortable with watching them.

    I was looking at the LG 50pb65 in particular; both are of similar price; obviously at this proce level I'm comfortable with 720p only since thats the max my Xbox can take anyway - would this still be futureproof though? Will be 720p be phased out in sometime in the future to make room for 1080p?

    Before looking at the pb65 (which has 100hz rate), I was looking at the model down which only has 50hz, but the guy in the shop suggested I look at the 100hz since I'll mainly be playing my Xbox on it.

    So I'm very interested in the pb65; I know this is a 'budget' 50" but how good would it be for use with a games console? I saw a demo of it on both SD an 720p and it was surprisingly clear even when displaying SD. However, I did see a little motion blurring in action scenes- I've googled this LG model and apparently the Samsung PS50Q96HD is a better model in this price range? Anyone had any experience of both models?

    If any of you have a similar-priced 50", I'd be very interested to hear your opinions of it.

    Thanks very much for your help

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    I have the samsung ps50q97hdx which I believe is pretty much the same as the q96 series and can tell you that it is an excellent tv for gaming. I play my ps3 on it and have no motion blur at all during action scenes. Would highly recommend the set.

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