budget 5.1 setup advice £200 limit


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So I managed to convince my wife to let me have a 5.1 setup in our living room after a lot of pleading and she agreed at last.
What im looking for is a decent budget amp+ 5.1speakers kit to pair up with the 46" dlp and panasonic dmr hd/dvd recorder setup Im getting soon. I realise it wont be great on this budget but it will be a stopgap for a few months until I can invest in something a little beefier.


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Amp and speakers for £200? :eek: Better spend the money on a shoplifting course, go ram-raiding and then you'll get what you want.
£200: you haven't convinced your wife of anything yet mate! :rotfl:

Seriously - get a budget av amp for around £150 and a pair of bookshelf speakers for £50. Set them up in your room and enjoy the improved punch and volume over your telly's speakers. Even the wife willl be impressed. :smashin:

Then when you have more cash, move the bookshelf speakers to the rear and invest in a good set of fronts/matching centre and ONLY then should you look at getting a sub. Your wife will hate it, but may eventually come around. :)

Spending your money on everything now, will result in a very rapid case of upgraditus off ALL your equipment in a very short time. :thumbsdow


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haha wish it was that easy nobby ;), you should have seen the look on her face when she came with me to demo tv's and i showed her the 46 " samsung one I was getting, I'd say she went white but she is pale at the best of times so hard to tell.
got no room for large speakers either thats why I'm opting for the sattelites they are gonna be easier to place without to many complaints.

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