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Oct 17, 2007
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Am looking to buy a 4k projector for our games room. Considering various options in different budgets.

The Room
  • Fairly large room with white walls and ceilings
  • Windows and patio (glass) doors on the wall opposite the projection wall (8m away), side walls have one window and one (glass) door - all have blackout blinds that do an OK job - but it is still quite bright in the daylight.
  • Existing ceiling mount ~ 3m from the projection wall (has power, but no useful AV leads - there is only a VFA and a composite cable, no Cat 6 or HDMI).
  • Projection wall is big enough for 150" image, but if I buy a screen then I would probably go for 120-130
  • Media Source - Nvidia Shield Pro (hard wired to home network), with some flexibility on where to locate it.
  • Audio - need to purchase, but tempted by the flexibility of the Sony HT-A9 for virtual Atmos from a minimal set of speakers. However as the sony only has one HDMI (so no pass through) it would (I think) mean I need a projector with 2 HDMIs, one with eARC (to run Nvidia --> (HDMI) --> Projector --> (HDMI eARC) --> Sony HT-A9 and be able to get True HD Atmos etc. to the sound system.
  • Room is used for parties etc. so equipment needs to be tucked away / kept safe when not in use (but not be onerous to set up for movie night) and any screen needs to be retractable!
UST v Ceiling Mount

Original thought was ceiling mount as it is there - but that means figuring out how to run cables to the projector and being tied to something with the correct throw. I then discovered the Samsung The Premiere (series 9) UST projector which ticks a lot of the boxes (triple laser, nice and bright, good price at £2800 through work scheme), however would require some sort of stand to house the projector and also a proper UST screen (another £1500-£2000 for a retractable one) which negates the savings on the projector itself (+ I can't find anywhere that sells a suitable media unit in the UK for a UST projector, let alone one that factors in a screen).


If I go UST then I think the Samsung has it, so it is really between the Samsung UST (and the need to buy/build a cabinet and an expensive UST screen) and one of the below overhead projectors
  • Sony VPL-VW290ES (£4000)
    • Native 4K option
    • 1500 Lumens & 2,000,000:1 contrast
    • 6000 hrs on low power (would need it on high)
  • LG Cinebeam HU710p (£1600)
    • Good reviews
    • Hybrid laser / LED
    • 2000 Lumens & 2,000,000:1 contrast
    • 20,000 hours light source
    • Approx 100" to 130" range at 3m
    • LG webOS is a nice bonus but not essential (as Nvidia will give me all the apps I need)
  • Benq W2700 (£1300)
    • Good reviews
    • Frequent "best buy" for budget 4k projector
    • 2000 Lumens & 30,000:1 contrast
    • 4000 hr bulb
Are there any others I should consider, any feedback on the above 3. The LG and the Benq are similar ish in price, BenQ seems to get the nod on brightness and picture quality over the LG (which is interesting as on paper the LG should be better I think), with the LG having more features.

The only reason to go for the Sony would seem to be the native 4K and I am not sure how much I would notice that (most 4K content would be streamed or ripped Blu Rays on Plex); so right now I don't think I could justify the extra money on the Sony over either the Benq or the LG.

So I think I am at: Samsung or (LG or Benq)
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Second hand: 9300, 9400, second hand N5, N7, X7900, X5900, LS12000 are PJs I'd all consider. ahead of the 3 you mentioned.

The contrast numbers you quoted are false. They're lies from the manufacturers. Reported numbers are WAY lower.

If you have light control issues, I'd reccomend an Epson 9300 and A draper React 3.0 screen for the best bang for buck or if budget is flexible, LS12000 + a Draper ALR.
Thanks, can claim VAT back on new which is one of the reasons I've been looking at new and not second hand.

Couple of 9400s still available new, or an LS11000 or LS12000 (I prefer white, as it's a white ceiling and won't stand out as much)

All the others are out of budget from what I've seen available as I can't reclaim the VAT.
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