Budget 3D Blu Ray player recommendations

Ian Dudley

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I'm thinking of upgrading to a 3D TV, so will need to replace my Sony S550 with something 3D enabled. Don't want to break the bank though as I'm already pushing the boat out for the set. So what models should I be looking at?

In terms of features, all I care about is putting in discs and having them play, don't need streaming, Internet, apps or any of that kind if thing! Does need to do good DVD up scaling, and needs a digital out o send audio to my old non-HDMI amp.

Would be nice to have something a bit faster than the old S550, but not if it costs much. Quality wise I'd obviously like the best I can get, bu am happy with my old player.

Since I've liked my old Sony, I'm considering the S480 which can be had for just over £100 with some free discs. What else should
I be considering around this price point though?


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Panasonic-DMP-BDT110EB - going for about £92 ATM - very fast startup using the optional fast mode, kind of a sleep hybrid, no boot up time at all if enabled.

nice and quiet, 3D, optical out

i came from a few 'high end' blu players, Philips 9600 and oppo 93 (had to sell oppo to fund speaker) and this isnt bad AT ALL!

Ian Dudley

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hello mate you could also get a ps3 this will play 3d
Yes, although I understand it can be hard to get HD audio out at the same time?. Also twice the price!

Not that it matters, even if the price is the same, I'll sell a new Blu Ray player to my wife an awful lot more easily than a PS3 :)


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I bought myself a Samsung BD-C6500 used for £80 in mint condition and unlike some others it has built in WiFi for internet connectivity.
Not a 3D version but does have optical out.


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Its a shame you cant use the jedi mind trick, for i to have the same problem,can i ask what tv you are going for.
by the way i would go for the panasonic 210 built in wifi £140 ish

Ian Dudley

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For the TV I'm aiming for the Samsung PS59D6900, seems to give the best bang for buck at the moment.

For the player, definitely needs to be 3D as that's the only reason I'm getting one. I already have a serviceable Sony S550 Blu Ray. Not fussed about wifi though, a) because I have ethernet in that location anyway, and b) becuase every AV device in the house now seems to have internet streaming, none of which I use anyway, so can't see why I'd care about it being on the Blu Ray as well! Honestly, it's getting silly now, I expect my next washing machine will come with built in BBC iPlayer support! :)
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